Countering Bank Robbery Attack

Countering Bank Robbery Attack
Countering Bank Robbery Attack

For as many measure banks introduce to secure itself against attack, it should not have the illusion that the war against them be a walkover in any society especially in Nigeria. With the collapse of core virtues, morals, breakdown of family values, the harsh economy situation prevailing in our own part of the world and plenty of guns let loose in the hands of mad men prowling around, the country is in for a long drawn battle. Do we just fold our arms for the number of attacks on banks to increase day by day? Of course not and here are some of the actions that organizations and concerned stake holders should carry out in other to safe guard itself against attacks.

  • Carry out risk assessment to decide on the threat you might face and their likelihood. That is, you must identify your vulnerability. Make security awareness part of your organization’s culture and ensure security is represented at the senior level of your organization
  • Ensure good basic security housekeeping throughout your organization.
  • Keep public areas tidy and well lit, remove unnecessary furniture or anything that might aid climbing like ladder from your premises.
  • Keep access point to the minimum and install appropriate physical security measures such as locks, alarms, CCTV surveillance and proper lightening.
  • When acquiring or extending your premises, consider security at the planning stage.
  • When recruiting staff or hiring contractors, check their identities and follow up the references they supply.
  • Plan and test your business continuity plan ensuring that you can continue to function without access to your main premises and information technology system.
  • Maintain a culture of honesty and integrity in your organization to give the staff a proper sense of belonging.
  • Take into account your neighbour’s plans and those of the emergency services, particularly if you are in a multi-occupancy premises.
  • There must be counter-surveillance operation which must be an ongoing process by which one puts oneself in the frame of mind of the would be attacker.


This Unit when established will look into the problems and possible solutions to the causes of most bank robbery in Nigeria. The Unit which should be mandatory regulated with operational requirement for banks safety and security in Nigeria should be effectively and efficiently managed by highly trained personnel who will be office and field rated. The employment of security experts and the introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other important features will be of immense value to the project. The Unit with the consortium of all banks in Nigeria headed by the Apex bank (CBN) as the regulatory body will see to the modes of operation of the establishment.


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