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Relevance of Anti-Bank Robbery Control Unit in Curbing Bank Robbery in Nigeria (Part 1)

Over the years, the level of security in the banking sector has fallen, driven by growing poverty, wide income disparity, high unemployment rate, insider effect and other social dislocation. Bank robbers as confident as they are now, see banks as free “hit and run zone” as security measure has already been per-determined by robbers to be unrealistic.

The two bank robbery incidence of March 2015, that occurred at a new generation bank on Admiralty way at Ajah Lekki express way, where policemen were killed along with an innocent girl and the bastard event that occurred at Owo in Ondo State, where five banks were struck at a time leaving six people killed including the bank manager and his assistant is still fresh in our hearts. All this just in one month.

This is June, barely two and half month after the last bank robbery incidence, another one just occurred at Ogolonto area of Ikorodu, Lagos state leaving two banks with massive loss.

Frequent publication in the dailies of attacks on banks and bullion vans in different parts of the country with almost all the police escort killed or seriously injured is a critical issue to reckon with, and up till this very moment the number of foiled bank robbery attack is not up to 3% because of unavailability of resources; management and information system to control the menace, while cases has also been recorded were bank robberies are in progress and people are not accessed to emergency lines to contact the law enforcement agents for swift actions. For this reason, robbery operations commences between daily hours and nobody to stop the menace.

Even when law enforcement agents are eventually contacted, they shy away with the attitude of “who wants to die for nothing” or complain of lack of equipment in combating such enormous task as the ones being used by their counterpart are sophisticated.

This is an introduction of more discussion to come, as i will discuss some possible suggested ways in which attack on banks can be reduced.

Stay tuned…

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