On Microfinance arena, Point, Ranks and Badges will be given to each user everytime they perform any activities on the website. i.e when they like a post, submitting a content, leave comments on post, posting on the forum, reacting to a post, give a points to a post, like our Social media page and so on.

Points are awarded to a user on microfinance arena for chosen actions, like submitting a content, leaving comments, posting on the forum, reacting to a post, give a point to a post etc. Every time points are added, an entry to points log is made, which contains the amount of points and the reference (action which was awarded with points)

Ranks are titles awarded to the user for getting a set number of points in total on microfinance arena. They are displayed next to the avatar.

Badges are ‘achievement’ that are awarded for getting a set number of points for a chosen action. For example, you can get ‘Forum Submissions’ badge for getting 10 points for posting on the forum. Badges might have multiple levels.

Users with the highest Points in a month will be rewarded accordingly.

Rewards ranges from; recharge cards, Microfinance Arena T-shirts, Caps, Electronic gadgets, Phone, Laptops and so on..


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