Microfinance Arena as the name implies is a place where everything and anything microfinance meet. On this note we welcome individuals with specials skills to join our workforce.

What does Microfinance Arena do?

We take ordinary ideas and turn them into realities for individuals who have passion and intend to grow in the industry

What industries do you specialize in?

As long as you have the drive to success, then you are certainly the one we are looking for.

What can I contribute?

Being proactive makes you think out of the box. Introducing innovative ideas and solution is all you need to do, while getting adequate reward for your input.

Interested in joining our team? Send letter of interest to info@microfinancearana.com

Benefits and Rewards

Without quitting your regular jobs, you can work full or part time with us while earning adequately.

We involve you as a team member while you get mentored to perform to full potential.

The bottom line is, you’ll always be happy working with us.
send a mail to info@microfinanceareana.com to join our team